Monday, 23 May 2011

Vision 2030 and Infrastructure

Kenya's vision 2030 plan presents various challenges in the area of infrastructure that will need a multi-faceted approach. Both the government and the private sector will need to be in the boat if we are to sail to the promised land.

In the area of energy, recent developments in the field of Geothermal technology where there is renewed effort to  expand capacity are a step in the right direction and will lead to more generation capacity. With the entry of GDC and expansion of KENGEN into geothermal in a dedicated way things can only be good. This however will not be enough to satisfy our energy needs. Sources such as wind power as proposed by the Mega Lake Turkana Wind Power Project will prove essential. A jump into the world of Nuclear energy also seems inevitable owing to the grandiose nature of the Plan. Facilities such as electric/ high speed trains will increase substantially our appetite for energy, thus necessitating Nuclear energy.

With these new developments, roads and cities will crop up in areas where they were not before. A new transportation thirst will then develop. Airports, trains and roads will then be the next frontier as population dispersion to fill the vacuum of opportunity starts to occur.

With an expanding knowledgeable and skilled population dispersed all over the width and breadth of the country, a new need will arise. The need for recreation facilities. Stadia, parks, pools, concert halls, museums and other facilities will then present a new frontier. These will be necessary to provide social support for skilled labourers who will have moved to the new towns and ports.

The chain effect will cause reawakening of all spheres of society in the hope of meeting the needs that will now be apparent.

A consistent drive towards  recognising and achieving essential milestones in this plan is however crucial. We must wake up from our dreams and start working to achieve them. Everyone in their small way needs to work at being globally competitive at every sphere.

We cannot have have a LAX and no Virgin Atlantic, Wimbledon and no Roger Federer, Wembly and no Messi, Sepang circiut and no Schummacer, Grande Museums of Natural history and no leakeys, Birds nest and no Tergat/Bolt/Isbanyeva.... and the list goes on and on.

The sum of all our efforts is Vision 2030.      

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